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"161" THREE EYED JACK in the BOX


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My Davemade Regulator

My Electrical system is a work in progress. I got the alternators mounted and soon i will have the right regulater to run them properly. Right now i have a Davemade regulator that controls one alternator. My other two alternators have their own regulaters. My new Davemade regulator will run all three alternators. I just built my battery box today and mounted it in the back of my pickup, and installed my batteries. When i get enough money i will buy Trojan 6 volts and 8 volt batteries so i can run a 14 volt system charging at 16 volts.

My alternators before i painted them


I talked to Cherry at CBR Electronics and he is helping me setup my electrical system for Keydowns.

I'm using two Leece Neville alternators and One Vidal 200 amp alternator. I have two big case Leece Nevilles on standby. I just have to mount them.

Hopefully when i'm done i'll be able to key without worrying about my amperage and voltage dropping and i'll also be ready for a 32 pill Davemade when i get it.

A 2sc2879 does what it's supposed to do...........
Why don't you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!