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"161" THREE EYED JACK in the BOX

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I am "161" THREE EYED JACK from NM. I run a Ford F-250 16 pill JOKER mobile so listen for me on the Bowl or out in DX land. You can hear me on ch. 28 sometimes, sometimes 26.915. If i hear you i will try to get you on my watergate. I answer anybody i can hear and i call you're numbers if i can hear them!! As always my site will be under construction.

I've been DXing for about 4 years and when i started out i was a Mudduck and now that i'm a 16 pill mobile i'm still a Mudduck but i keep on building my systems, My base and my mobile. My Mobile is a work in progress. I just added alternators and i'm working on my Davemade regulator system. Cherry at CBR Electronics is helping me out with my setup. I run a MagnaForce 900 driver into a Joker 16 pill. Soon i will be all Davemade. I finally got my Predator 10k on my truck and it tuned and talks perfectly. The best i've ever owned. More to come.......

I've worked hard to make a name for my self out in DX land and it took me a long time with the lingo. Everybody has to start somewhere and i don't claim to lock down anything but my mission is to have a respectable station on the bowl or ch 19 and keep growing until i become  well known.

If you hear me in DX land i'll hear you and i'll come back to you. If you sound good i'll tell you, if i sound good tell me. If you sound like a Mudduck keep spending you'll get there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A 2sc2879 does what it's supposed to do...........
Why don't you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!